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Great Lakes Division Championship Double Regional Qualifier

Featuring a One Hour Enduro Race


Supplementary Regulations                              

Sanction Numbers 18-RQ-5440-S & 18-RQ-5441-S                   

This event is governed by the 2018 SCCA General Competition Rules and by these Supplementary Regulations. This event is a Great Lakes Division Regional Championship Series Double event. Series rules and series classes’ rules are available on the GLDiv Web site at

REGISTRATION:  Drivers can register online at Drivers without Internet access may request a paper entry form and mail it with their entry fees to the Chief Registrar:

Peggy Dietz, Chief Registrar, 2165 Stony Hill Road, Hinckley, OH 44233-9508

Registrar’s Phone: 330-460-6706, Registrar’s e-mail:

Phone/fax entries will not be accepted. Registrar is not responsible for any entry sent by a delivery service that requires a daytime signature or special pickup. Do not mail entries by any method that requires a signature upon delivery.

At-event registration will be held in the registration building located on the east track entrance on the left.

ENTRY FEES: Make checks payable to Ohio Valley Region, SCCA, Inc.

One day – 1 driver – 1 car $305
Two days – 1 driver – 1 car $395
*Two days – 2 drivers – 1 car $405
One day – 1 driver – 1 car – 2 classes $410
Two days – 1 driver – 2 cars – 2 classes $615

*Each driver must complete an entry form and submit them at the same time (same envelope if mailed).

Additional fees:

SRF, SRF3, FE, FE2 – 1 day $20
SRF, SRF3. FE, FE2 – 2 days $20
Late fee (entry received at track Friday, July 13, 2018 or later) $75
Returned checks $30


ONLINE ENTRIES close Friday, October 5, 2018 @ 11:59 PM.  Contact the Chief Registrar, Peggy Dietz @          330-460-6706 after that date to enter.

Please make every effort to enter this event as early as possible.  The earlier the entry, the better the Region can make adjustments to non-fixed expenses (costs that float with entry size such as dinners, driver gifts, etc.).  Nobody wants to underestimate these costs…but it cost us a lot of money to overestimate (wasted food, etc.).  Please understand that if it costs the Regions money, those costs will eventually roll down to the entrants.  Please help us to keep your costs down.  Remember, these events are staffed by volunteers and shrinking group of them at that.  Please do not overburden them if you don’t have to.

Cancellation Fee Policy:  A cancellation fee will not be assessed if the cancellation notice is made prior to the close of online registration at 11:59 PM on October 5, 2018.  Once online registration closes at 11:59 PM on October 5, 2018, there will be a cancellation fee of $50.  This is necessary because it requires extra effort on our Registrar and Treasurer’s part to process the cancellation so close to the event.


Late Fee Policy: There will be a late entry fee of $75 assessed if an entry is received after the close of online registration at 11:59 PM on October 5, 2018.  This is necessary because it requires extra effort on our Registrar’s part to hand process the entry after online registration is closed.

Refunds: No refunds will be granted for cars that have been on track for the requested sanction number, no shows, or weather. Driver/entrant must notify Registration (before leaving the track) for cars that do not go through or pass tech to receive a refund.

ENTRY FEE PAYMENT: Drivers, who complete their registration online, via the website, may pay by credit card, or by check (mailed to the Registrar). An entry is not considered official unless accompanied by full payment of the entry fee. Drivers registering at the track or by mail may pay by check, cash, or credit card.  GARAGE RENTAL: Garages not paid for will be held one week awaiting payment, and then will be released to other renters.

PASSES: Each entry receives four (4) passes, including the driver and entrant. Additional passes may be purchased at Registration for $10 each. Workers, guests, and crew must sign for their own passes and must arrive while Registration is open. Only the entrant, driver, or designee (authorized in writing) may change the crew list.

Drivers must present their current hard card competition license when registering. SCCA members must present a valid membership card for admission. Workers and members are limited to one guest each. Workers must present their license and membership card at registration. SCCA members, crew, and guests who arrive outside of the posted hours of registration will be required to purchase a spectator pass to gain admission.

DRIVER ELIGIBILITY: Drivers must be a current member of the SCCA and have a current SCCA Full Competition, SCCA Pro License, SCCA Novice Permit, or other license referenced by GCR 3.1.2.B & C. and Appendix C.2.8.B to participate in this event. If you do not have the proper credentials, it is your responsibility to contact the Registrar prior to the event. Competitors whose licenses are pending must call the Registrar by     October 10, 2018, so that the license can be confirmed. There will be a $10 charge for this service.  In 2018 membership and licenses issues will not be able to be verified with the SCCA National Office after 5:00 PM CDT on Friday night.  After that time the National Office will be closed until Monday morning.  If your membership and/or license cannot be verified, you will be required to complete and sign a Statement of Fact Affidavit, along with paying a $100 deposit, of which $75 is refundable upon verification.

Minor drivers (14, 15, 16 and 17 year old drivers), as long as a current minor waiver is on file with the SCCA National Office and the driver’s membership card shows “Minor Waiver on File”, Mid-Ohio does not require any further paperwork.  If the above requirement is not met, the driver is required to contact Tammi Griffith (Mid-Ohio) at or 800-643-6446 X-3007 for copies of Mid Ohio’s Minor Waiver.  The Mid-Ohio waiver must be obtained well in advance & requires a Notary Public’s signature. The completed Mid-Ohio waiver and information must be returned to Mid-Ohio 2 weeks prior to the event per the Mid-Ohio policy.

CAR ELIGIBILITY: Competition is open to all cars conforming to the GCR, as amended, and those supplemental classes listed in the 2018 Great Lakes Division Regional Champ Series Rules. All cars are required to use a fully operational AMB TranX260 transponder. The location of the test loop is the tech inspection area, and it will be staffed the same hours as the scales. The driver is responsible for providing correct information to Timing & Scoring.

COMPETITION NUMBERS:  Correct number must be on car prior to tech. Cars with incorrect numbers will be black flagged. We are NOT using reserved numbers. Confirmation postcard or e-mail will be sent only if a driver’s first choice of number is unavailable.

WELCOMING ENVIRONMENT: The Ohio Valley Region and SCCA, aim to provide and inclusive, welcoming environment for all participants. To that end, behaviors such as the following will be considered egregious examples of GCR 2.1.7, “Acting in and unsportsmanlike manner”, and will be penalized as such.

  • Discriminating against, disparaging or verbally abusing a participant because of their gender identity, ethnicity, marital status, sexual orientation, religion, age, or disability.
  • Harassing, intimidating, threatening or bullying a participant.
  • Doing any of the above outside the confines of an event in print or electronic media, in a way that affects that person’s participation at an event.

TECH:  All drivers without a current year helmet sticker (red) must present all driver gear as required by the GCR, vehicle logbook, and completed tech card to get their event tech sticker. If your car requires an annual tech, you must also bring the car to Tech.  Tech is located at the rear (South side) of the Maintenance Building.

EXPRESS TECH (Friday evening only): Drivers with both a current annual tech and a current year helmet sticker (red) may bring just the vehicle logbook and completed tech card to get a tech sticker. Express Tech is a special window at Registration, or you can go to Tech at the Maintenance Building.

SCALES: Available at Tech: Saturday 7:30 AM-11:30 AM, Sunday 7:30AM-9:00AM.  Scales may be made available at other times at the discretion of the Chief of Tech.

IMPOUND: Champ Races and Enduro: The top three (3) competitors in each class MUST report to impound at Tech immediately following the completion of their cool off lap. Exception: No impound for the Sunday morning qualifying races.

GRID: Starting positions for the Saturday Qualifying session will based on entry time & date.

Starting positions for the Saturday Champ Race will be determined by the fastest time recorded for each car during the preceding qualifying session. Starting positions for the Sunday qualifying race will be determined by the finishing position in the Saturday Champ Race.  Starting positions for the Sunday Champ Race will be determined by the finishing position in the Sunday qualifying race.  Cars arriving late to grid, after their group has been dispatched on track may, at the discretion of the Operating Steward, be held at pit out and released at the end of the pack after the field has completed the pace lap.

NOTE: Any protests not settled from the previous races or qualifying will have the protestee gridded at the rear of the field.

START, FINISH and TIMES: All Race Starts Restarts and Checkered Flags will be from the front straight start stand. All races and qualifying timing will begin and end at the timing loop in front of Timing & Scoring.  The loop is marked by orange cones on each side of the track and is 115 feet before the Mid-Ohio checker pattern on the track, For qualifying (Saturday Morning), the session clock will start when the first car crosses the pit lane timing line.  For all races, timing will start when the front row crosses the front straight timing line after the pace lap. The clock will continue to run during all flag conditions with the exception of a red flag.  On the Pace lap, the Pace car will pace the field to the Pit Lane entrance then exit the track surface at the Pit Lane entrance.  Be prepared for this to happen.  Front row will then pace the field until the green flag is given.

RACING SURFACE: The Pit Out Lane (drivers left of the curbing and/or colored line) is not part of the racing surface.  Any driver, who uses it as a racing surface by putting two or more wheels to the left of the curbing/line, whether in qualifying or the race, may be subject to a penalty from the Series Race Director or Chief Steward.  A driver who forces an overtaking car or a car being overtaken into the Pit Out Lane while a pass is being attempted may also be subject to a penalty for violation of GCR 6.11.1.B, failure to provide racing room on the marked racing surface.

ON COURSE DRIVER CONDUCT and CONTACT: Refer to GCR Section 6.11.1 E.  All on track body contact (including contact during drafting) that causes a car to act erratically and results in a change in position or a car leaving the course will be investigated. If you are involved in contact, you are to report to black flag station (base of the tower) which is the designated incident investigation site at the conclusion of your session/race. .

PASSING UNDER YELLOW FLAG: All drivers shall follow GCR Section 6.1.1.B.  All passes under yellow will be investigated.  A verified violation of this section will result in penalties as outlined in the 2018 Standard Penalty Guidelines.  Passing in areas where workers are present, along with the Standard Penalty Guidelines, may also result in being place on probation at the discretion of the Chief Steward or SOM Committee.

SPLIT STARTS: The Chief Steward will consider requests for split starts.  See him at the track

RACE LENGTH, COURSE, GROUPS & CLASSES: Saturday Races will be 20 minutes or 12 laps (whichever comes first). Sunday morning qualifying races will be 20 minutes or 10 laps (whichever comes first).  Sunday Champ Races will be 25 minutes or 13 laps (whichever comes first). The Saturday Enduro will be 1 hour in length.  The Enduro may be shortened if needed due unforeseen schedule issues.

SATURDAY: 2.4-mile Club course.  SUNDAY: 2.25 mile Pro course.  Track Limit: 65 cars.

These classes have specific rules published in the Great Lakes Regional Champ Series Rules: SP, SPU, ITE CFC, CFF, IT7 and S2000.

RADIO FREQUENCIES: No radios will be permitted as they interfere with track communications: 151.625, 151.805, and 154.600. These frequencies may be monitored but cannot be used for communication by any participant.

SOUND CONTROL: Sound control will be enforced for this event. The sound meter is located just past the exit of turn 2 on the left. Participants must comply with the sound limit specified in the GCR (103 dB). Cars exceeding 103 dB in a session will be shown the closed black flag and the sound board for their first two readings. If a third reading greater than 103 dB is recorded in that session, the car will be black flagged, and the driver must report to the pits. The car may not return to the track until corrective steps have been taken per the GCR. Sound reading will be posted at the base of the tower.

PIT LANE & CLOTHING: Minimum age in the pits is 18 years. Shirts with sleeves, long pants (Chief Steward may allow shorts depending on weather) and closed shoes are required in the pits. Crew members on pit lane must display their event credentials at all times.

RESULTS: Qualifying, provisional, and final results will be posted at the Tower (Driver Info). Drivers may obtain a copy of the Qualifying, Qualifying Race, and Final Race results from Driver Info after the results are final (approximately 30 minutes after the session ends). Additionally, final results will be posted to the Region’s ( and SCCA websites no later than 7 days following the completion of the event.


Trophy and checkered flag distribution – Champ Races (per class):

Number of Cars in Class Positions Awarded
1-2 1st
3 1st, 2nd
4-6 1st, 2nd, 3rd
7-12 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th
13-19 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th
20+ 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th

The Enduro will have 1st, 2nd & 3rd awards by class.  Sunday morning qualifying races do not have awards.

LAST LAP INDICATOR: Whenever possible, the “1 to Go” sign and a waving white flag, will be displayed at Start/Finish to indicate the last lap has begun.  The failure to display a last lap indicator is not protestable.  “When the LAST LAP INDICATOR is given at Start/Finish the next flag will be a checkered flag”.

BLACK & “MEATBALL” FLAGS:  The Black flag may be displayed at the Starters Stand at Start/Finish and turn 11 on the left before the Carousel turn and the Pit entrance.  The driver must go to the black flag reporting area in pit lane (across from the start/finish stand).

SCHEDULE: This event is a “no schedule” event. Scheduled session times are approximate and are for planning purposes only.  Please be aware of which group is on track and listen to the PA announcements. The schedule may vary based on forces of nature and on-track incidents. Stewards will not take actions on minor schedule changes.

DRONES AT THE RACE TRACK: Commercial Unmanned Aircraft Systems (aka “Drone”) owners/operators must have proof of FAA certification and $10M of primary liability insurance naming the SCCA, the Sponsoring Region(s) (OVR) and the Race Track (Mid-Ohio) as additional insured.  A general liability insurance policy must specify that it includes the operation of Unmanned Aircraft.  Recreational use of unmanned aircraft is prohibited.

GARAGE RENTAL: Garages are $150 per garage (maximum of two cars per garage). If payment is not received with contract, garage will be held one week awaiting payment and then the garage will be released to the next renter.

Contact:  Peggy Dietz, Registrar, 2165 Stony Hill Road, Hinckley, OH 44233-9508, Phone: 330-460-6706, (6-10 PM EDT only).   E-mail:

Make check payable to OVR-SCCA, Inc, or pay thru See the garage contract for cancellation details.

PETS: While Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course does not encourage bringing pets to the track, we do allow them.  Pets are the responsibility of the pet owner.  Pet owners are liable for any injury or damage caused by their pets.  All pets must be kept under the control of a leash no longer that 6 ft. Please be courteous and clean up after your pet.  Failure to do so will result in removal from the event.  Pets are not permitted in any buildings, concession areas, grandstands or viewing mounds, hospitality locations, paddock/garage areas, false grid, or pit lane.  Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course reserves the right to restrict/remove disruptive or exotic pets.  If your pet disrupts or causes harm to another individual or property, you and your pet may be removed from the facility without refund.

SPECIAL: Paddock speed limit is 10 mph. Anyone operating any motorized vehicle on the track property must have a valid driver’s license (any state) and present it to any official upon request. Hover boards, skates, Razors, scooters, and skateboards (with or w/o motor) are banned. Unlicensed motor scooters, motorcycles, ATVs, etc., cannot leave the paddock except to go to the grid or showers. Golf carts do not need a license.

Fuel spillage on any paved area of the facility is forbidden and may result in a black flag and liability for repairs if instructions from any officials are not obeyed promptly. All jack stand bases must be supported to prevent pavement indentation.

Camping will be permitted on Friday, and Saturday nights only and is free of charge for this event Camping is limited to the paddock. (OVR is absorbing the track camping fee.)

No unmuffled engines may be operated between 7 PM and 7 AM unless traveling to or from Tech on Friday evening.

The infield will be OPEN for spectating. No trash is permitted; everything you carry in must be carried out. The grandstands will be closed.

Sale of any products on Mid-Ohio property is strictly prohibited without prior written permission from Mid-Ohio and OVR SCCA INC. Contact Adam Fisher @ 419-884-4000.

Please use the provided receptacles for trash, oil, and other fluids. Do not leave any tires at the track, except with tire vendors.

All participants must vacate the premises by 6:30 PM Sunday. Any person remaining on track grounds after 6:30 PM will be billed for cost of security.


GROUP 2 FS, FA, FC, CFC, FM, ASR, FE, FE2, FB, P1, P2, S2000 GROUP 6 GT1, GT2, GT3, ITR, ITE, ITS, SP, AS, ST, T1, T2, GTA
GROUP 3 ITA, IT7, ITB, ITC, T3, T4, B-Spec, STL, STU, SPU GROUP 7 F500, F600, FV, FST, FF, CFF
GROUP 4 EP, FP, HP, GTL                                                      GROUP 8                                                                                                                                                 SAT. ENDURO GROUP – SM, SRF, SRF3, ITS, ITA, IT7, ITB, ITC, ITE, ITR, B-Spec, STL, SM5                   


FRIDAY, October 12, 2018
6:00 PM – 9:00 PM Registration
6:30 PM – 9:00 PM Tech Inspection (Express Tech at Registration: Bring your Log Book and your helmet if you need a sticker.)


SATURDAY, October 13, 2018



The TIMES below are for planning only.  Listen for Announcements

7:00 AM – 12:00 PM Registration
7:30 AM – 11:30 AM Tech/Scales
8:00 AM – 12:00 PM Late Entry Registration
8:00 AM 20 Minute Qualifying – Group 1 11:30 AM 20 Minute or 12 Laps Race – Group 1
8:30 AM 20 Minute Qualifying – Group 2 12:50 PM 20 Minute or 12 Laps Race – Group 2
9:00 AM 20 Minute Qualifying – Group 3 1:20 PM 20 Minute or 12 Laps Race – Group 3
9:30 AM 20 Minute Qualifying – Group 4 1:50 PM 20 Minute or 12 Laps Race – Group 4
10:00 AM 20 Minute Qualifying – Group 5 2:20 PM 20 Minute or 12 Laps Race – Group 5
10:30 AM 20 Minute Qualifying – Group 6 2:50 PM 20 Minute or 12 Laps Race – Group 6
11:00 AM 20 Minute Qualifying – Group 7 3:20 PM 20 Minute or 12 Laps Race – Group 7
LUNCH: 11:50 PM – 12:50 PM
SATURDAY NIGHT PARTY AT THE HONDA PAVILLION – Approx. 30 minutes after track is cold.  All are welcome!  Hot food & Beverages provided. 





The TIMES below are for planning only.  Listen for Announcements

7:00 AM – 11:30 AM Registration
7;30 AM – 9:00 AM Tech/Scales
Q Race – Qualifying Races C Races – Champ Races
8:00 AM 20 Minute or 10 Laps Q Race – Group 1 11:30 AM 25 Minute or 13 Laps C Race – Group 1
8:30 AM 20 Minute or 10 Laps Q Race – Group 2 12:55 PM 25 Minute or 13 Laps C Race – Group 2
9:00 AM 20 Minute or 10 Laps Q Race – Group 3 1:30 PM 25 Minute or 13 Laps C Race – Group 3
9:30 AM 20 Minute or 10 Laps Q Race – Group 4 2:05 PM 25 Minute or 13 Laps C Race – Group 4
10:00 AM 20 Minute or 10 Laps Q Race – Group 5 2:40 PM 25 Minute or 13 Laps C Race – Group 5
10:30 AM 20 Minute or 10 Laps Q Race – Group 6 3:15 PM 25 Minute or 13 Laps C Race – Group 6
11:00 AM 20 Minute or 10 Laps Q Race – Group 7 3:50 PM 25 Minute or 13 Laps C Race – Group 7


LUNCH: 11:55 AM – 12:55 PM


CHIEF STEWARD Duane Harrington
  Gene Kern
  Tom VanCamp
ACS BLACK FLAG Donna McDonough
  Dave Bueno
  Jim Suhr
  Debbie LaFond
SOM Fred McAninch
  Jerry Shiloff
  Doug Mitchell (SIT)
RACE CHAIR Jude Summers (614)888-4646
CO-RACE CHAIR Dennis Barschow (513)460-7788
  Susan Downs
  Alan Garside
  Frank Todaro
  Ti m Gordon
  Gloria Sheets
  Diane Tedeschi


Brian Flint

Greg Adams

CHIEF REGISTRAR & GARAGE RENTAL Peggy Dietz (330)460-6706


2165 Stony Hill Road, Hinckley, OH 44233-9508

CHIEF OF TECH Bruce Turner
CHIEF OF START Diane Tedeschi
CHIEF OF F & C Bill Armitage
CHIEF OF PIT & PADDOCK: Madison Simmons
CHIEF OF ES, FIRE, & RESCUE: Michael Quaintance
MEDICAL DIRECTOR: Dr. Allison Frazier
MID-OHIO PHONE NUMBERS: Information: 419-884-4000
Emergency: 419-884-4000, Ext. 3013
Registration: 419-884-4000, Ext. 3002


Thank You for Racing with us!           Safe Travel Home!




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