Getting Started / July 26, 2016

The Need For Speed

If you’ve experienced the rush that comes from the pit of your stomach every time you lean into a turn, trying to find the smoothest and fastest driving line, you definitely have the “need for speed”. We in the Ohio Valley Region of the Sports Car Club of America (“OVR/SCCA”) are here to help you fulfill that desire legally and, most importantly, safely!

Getting involved in OVR events is easy, but which should you choose? This guide will help you get started in finding the right path for meeting your thrills demands.

The Events

The first thing you need to decide is how you want to fulfill your need for speed. Are you interested in precision driving against the clock, do you want the full-throttle experience of wheel-to-wheel competition, or are you simply looking to gain more vehicle control techniques and learn how to be a safer and more confident driver?

No matter what you want to accomplish, OVR has an event for you…


Autocross events are a great way to engage with OVR SCCA. Also referred to as Solo®, Autocross (AX) competitions are run as obstacle courses set up in a large open lot with traffic cones. AX is one of the safest forms of motorsport because the courses are open and are designed to have nothing to hit (other than traffic cones). However, it does still give off the exhilaration of driving at high speeds while tackling the hard turns.

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Similar to Autocross, Rallycross (RX) is a race against the clock around a predefined course laid out by traffic cones. The major difference here, however, is that Rallycross events are run “off-road”. This means that drivers compete on unpaved surfaces like dirt and snow. RX is the perfect way to test your abilities to slide your way into victory.

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2016 OVR Website-89Road Racing

Are you thinking that you would rather be competing against other drivers in wheel-to-wheel action rather than tackling a course by yourself? Road Racing is for you. With races on a paved surface, road racing takes place with many competitors fighting for the treasured first-place prize.

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pdxPerformance Driving Experience

The Performance Driving Experience (PDX) is a level-1 time trial. These are “non-competitive events and are based on the instruction and practice of performance driving and car handling.” These events are designed to help you get more comfortable behind the wheel by gaining driving experience in a controlled environment.
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information3bVolunteering at Races

Let’s face it. Not everyone is ready to be a driver in these high-paced events, but what if you still want to participate? Don’t worry. You can.

Even if driving as a competitor isn’t your speed, there are still many options for working the events. As a Race Volunteer, you will be able to work behind the scenes and get an up close and personal look at the events. Best of all, there are many volunteer jobs available, so there will always be a place for you.

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Consider stopping by one of our monthly meetings (we call them “socializers”) to talk with several of our members who autocross, road race, rallycross or PDX. You can learn a lot from talking to an experienced competitor – from how they got started, to what they do today. You’ll find lots of people willing to help you at a socializer, and you’ll make some great new friends.

See you soon!

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