The Observers Stand / February 23, 2022

The Observers Stand 10

The Observers Stand

Editors Note:

By: David Brown

Welcome to another issue of the Observers Stand. I’ll be brief- This issue is an attempt to list winners in lieu of our Awards Banquet. I’ve tried to include everything I have received and put it out to the membership in as easy to read form as I could with my limited skills. I hope you enjoy it and we ALL look forward to having an in persons banquet following the conclusion of the 2022 seasons! Thank you all for reading and congratulations to all the winners! I’ll have another issue coming soon.

PS….. If you are reading this on social media please verify your email is correct with the SCCA. Only about half of OVR members have an email that is valid according to the email client I use to produce this newsletter. You can only change your email with the scca directly. The Ohio Valley Region cannot update emails.

Solo AwardsBy: Alan Stamper

2021 OVR SCCA Solo Champions

Stock All Wheel Drive

Ryan McDaniel – 2017 Subaru WRX

Ryan is an unassuming guy with a  quick sense of humor and a wry smile.   He’s quick to share a laugh and very mannered, at least until the starter tells him to go.  That simple act transforms Ryan into a steely-eyed competitor that takes no prisoners.  He’s ruthless out there between all those unassuming cones.   That’s why he is our SA Class Champion for this year.


2nd Place – Tami Tackett


Stock Rear Wheel Drive

Steve Dalstrom  – 2008 Ford Mustang GT

Steve is one of those people who is methodical about everything he does.   You can see that he takes measure of every word he says before he says it, to ensure it’s exactly what he wants to say.   His driving on course is the same way, methodical and precise.   I also suspect he has a hidden agenda to prove that live axle Mustangs are the fastest Mustangs.   He has gone a long way in proving that by becoming our SR Class Champion.


2nd Place – Dan Michael

3rd Place – Chris Rudy


Stock Front Wheel Drive

Chris Yeager  – 2019 VW GTI

Do you remember the VW ads about Fahrvergnugen?  I can tell that Chris Yeager has not forgotten those.   He’s always fast and setting great times in his GTI.   He worked hard all year and became our SF Class Champion because when he is in his VW he is Farfromlosin’.


2nd Place – Chris Rudy

3rd Place – Ashley Eyles


Street Touring

Connor Ryan  – 2013 Subaru BRZ

Connor has proven year after year that he’s a great driver. He has managed to dominate the inaugural running of the Street Touring class through consistent performances against a very tough field of drivers. His long experience in his BRZ with very few significant Street Touring modifications is a reminder that the Driver Mod is really the most important mod to make. This is why he is our first ever Street Touring champion.


2nd Place – Larry McCarthy

3rd Place – Christian Berardi



Extreme Street

Andy Bennett – 1999 Mercury Cougar

Andy, if you did not know, is an artist.  His pen and ink renderings are excellent.  The lines he puts down are precise, their placement well thought out and the execution perfect.  Being an artist also sheds some light on his offbeat vehicle of choice, a modified 1999 Mercury Cougar.  Andy uses that Cougar like he uses his ink pens, with precise lines, excellent car placement and perfect execution.  He used all those skills to become our XS class champion.


2nd Place – Kameron FeolaCAM

Cole Morgan  – 1998 Ford Mustang Convertible

It was quite the sight to see Cole out on the course in the banana yellow convertible V6 Mustang, which historically has made very unusual and questionable noises.   Watching him run, the car never looks lightning fast but then he goes through the timer and it’s like reality has warped itself.  His times are way faster than rational logic would support.   He managed to do that trick over and over this year and that’s how he won the CAM class championship.   We can’t wait to see what he does with his newly acquired V8 Mustang this year.


2nd Place – Ron Francis

3rd Place – Rich Zellner


Street Prepared

Jason Scheid  – 2014 Ford Mustang GT

Tires. Jason learned a great lesson this season because of tires. His 2014 Mustang GT is one of the last live axle Mustangs produced since Ford moved to IRS-based cars. Much like one of our other champions, he didn’t let him slow him down. Unfortunately a tire choice put him in Street Prepared so rather than change them out, he powered on. While he didn’t often face a lot of competitors at each event, he still drove fast and consistently. He would have been competitive in a couple of other classes which is a credit to his continued evolution as a driver. As a result of his efforts, tenacity and stubbornness, he drove his way to being the Street Prepared champion.



Alan Stamper  – 1985 Honda Civic Hatch

OK, so I’m writing this comment about myself and I am not a big fan of heaping praise upon oneself.   Some items I will make  note of this year, I did not hit the timing lights and I did not flip a car over.   Those are things that should be said of every season, but here I am having to make those clarifications.   There were also many weeks where I was the only car in my class, so by the simple act of making it to every event, I am the Prepared Class Champion for this year.



Ken Leiker  – DF Goblin

When you first see Ken’s car driving on course your initial reaction is “What the heck is that?.”  It turns out that what Ken’s driving is a DF Goblin kit car.   The Goblin is very, very green, and not in an environmental impact type way.  It’s bright green in a way that etches your retinas when seen against a sea of orange auto-x cones.    Ken drove the mid-engine, Ecotec powered “Green Goblin” throughout the season, providing a hard lesson to others in the fact that “green cars aren’t slow”.  As memorable as Ken’s car is, his excellent driving is the same.   Ken used both memorable driving skills and the Goblin to become our Modified Class Champion.



Ryan Arthur  – 2020 Honda Civic Si

It’s not surprising to see Ryan’s name as our PAX Class Champion.  What is surprising is how quickly he can get his Honda Civic around an auto-x course.   What’s ever more impressive is how he does that while sporting what looks to be a 20lb, 1970’s era-style mustache.     You think that the weight of that massive mustache would slow him down and make it difficult for him to  keep his head vertical under hard cornering, but like Ryan’s driving, the strength in his neck muscles is exceptional.


Casey Tackett  – 2013 Subaru BRZ

Casey took on a lot this year.  In only her second season of autocross and second year of even having a driver’s license she added to the list the hurdle of learning to drive a manual car that she was only allowed to drive at the events. This year she has changed cars and moved up from driving her Subaru Impreza sedan and into her dad’s Subaru BRZ, equipped  with a bullet hole in the hood.  Her Championship win this year was not a walk in the park as she faced much adversity, from other drivers, having Randy Racket as her mentor and father and having to drive a car with quite likely the loudest and most annoying front brakes ever heard by man.   She managed to overcome all these obstacles and become our Ladies Class Champion.


Novice of the Year

Matt Taylor  – 1988 Toyota MR2

Matt Taylor is our Novice of the Year.   It was great fun to see Matt wring the heck out of his first-gen MR2.  It always seemed like he had the little wedge wound up as high as it would go and was always on the verge of being out of control.   You could watch his runs throughout the day as he figured out the course, with each run getting quicker and quicker.   Congratulations Matt, we are looking forward to seeing you go even quicker this year!


Worker of the Year

Christian Berardi

Words to describe the contributions made by our Chiefs are often hard to come by without getting too sentimental or going just a little too far in singing their praises. As we all know, the challenges of the ongoing pandemic combined with a new site and taking on new Chiefs adds a lot of effort to an already challenging job to make our events run smoothly. Having Chiefs that are so reliable is at the center of making it all work. While we can only identify one, all of our Chiefs are greatly appreciated. When one steps up so much that it becomes one less thing to worry about then it is truly special. Christian took on the role of Setup Chief as a first-timer for 2021. The job requires so much because of the commitment to be at the site as early as the chairs as well as staying as late as the chairs. Organizing the site setup and making sure things like course setup, grid, tech and the list goes on is a big job. Christian stepped up and ensured that everything ran smoothly and reliably and did so without complaint. All the while he managed to drive his way to third place in an extremely competitive Street Touring class which really shows the skill with which he does everything. In recognition of his dedication and work, he is our Worker of the Year for 2021.


Driver of the Year

Connor Ryan

2020 and 2021 have been very challenging years. Under normal circumstances the change of the home site combined with a big change in the team managing the program would be challenging. Throwing in a global pandemic is probably the mother of all changes up to this point in most of our lives. Performing consistently and at a high level in this thing that we all love under these circumstances is an even greater accomplishment. In 2020 Connor Ryan took on the Timing and Scoring Chief role for the first time. He did very well in that role. Like all things in life, there is change. In 2021 our course designer got the opportunity for his dream job which left that role open. Connor stepped up and filled that role with the same level of dedication and skill that he does everything. Those two jobs are already a lot of work and the first year in a role like that can be quite a hindrance to your success as a driver because they come with distraction. It should be no surprise that while Connor worked expertly through those roles, he also drove extremely well. He won his class both years and also finished in the top 10 of every event in that span. The increased scope of the consolidation of all of the Street Touring classes into an index class in 2021 just adds to the significance of this accomplishment. It is for all of these reasons that have clearly identified both Connor’s skill and his dedication that we award him the Ohio Valley Region 2021 Driver of the Year award.

RallyCross Awards
By: Sidney Scott and John EnglandOhio Valley Region
Championship Points 2021
Championship points – minimum 3 events to qualify best 4 determine class champion

Pos Name Total Points Points W/Drops PE #1 PE #2 GLD PE #3 Nats
SF – Stock Front
1T Kenneth Daniels 44 44 12 16 16
SR – Stock Rear Total Points Points W/Drops PE #1 PE #2 GLD PE #3 Nats
1T John Voegeli 72 72 20 20 20 12
SA – Stock All Total Points Points W/Drops PE #1 PE #2 GLD PE #3 Nats
1T Duane Simons 72 72 16 20 20 16
PF – Prepared Front Total Points Points W/Drops PE #1 PE #2 GLD PE #3 Nats
1T Alex Ashbaugh 73 72 16 20 16 20 1
2 John England 40 40 20 4 16
PR Prepared Rear Total Points Points W/Drops PE #1 PE #2 GLD PE #3 Nats
1T Lothrop Withington IV 72 72 20 20 20 12
2 Karl Munson 48 48 16 16 16
MF – Modified Front Total Points Points W/Drops PE #1 PE #2 GLD PE #3 Nats
1T William Ehrman 44 44 16 16 6 6
2T Randy Tackett 42 42 12 12 16 2
3T Pete Bates 40 39 10 8 1 20 1
4 Daniel Hutchison 38 38 6 20 12
5 Sidney Scott 31 31 20 10 1
6 Collin Sloan 11 11 4 6 1
7 Sean Montgomery 7 7 2 4 1
MR – Modified Rear Total Points Points W/Drops PE #1 PE #2 GLD PE #3 Nats
1T Pete Remner 38 38 8 20 10
MA – Modified All Total Points Points W/Drops PE #1 PE #2 GLD PE #3 Nats
1T Noah Nicholas 48 48 16 20 12
2 Jeremie Snyder 27 27 10 16 1
UTV  Total Points Points W/Drops PE #1 PE #2 GLD PE #3 Nats
1T Ryan Miles 72 72 16 20 20 16
2 Daniel Shea 52 52 12 16 16 8
3 Stephen Parsons 50 50 10 8 12 20
Road Racing Awards
By: Dennis SiroisOhio Valley Region SCCA Awards

The Phil Alspach Service to Racing

This is a rotating award presented to an individual who has consistently contributed their time and talents to overall race operation throughout the preceding season or over a cumulative period of time.

This award is always so difficult to pick a recipient for because there are so many members in the club that do so much. Jude Summersmaintains our relationship with Mid-Ohio and is always striving to make sure that OVR puts on the best club races. Because of her efforts we always do. Congratulations Jude for the effort you put forward on behalf of the club!

The Champions Award

The Champions Award is based upon the mechanical and driving skills at the amateur level, as well as qualifying for the National Championship and/or lap records achieved during the season.  The recipient of this award is determined by the Competition Board with priority given to National Competitors.  In 1987, this award was donated to the region by Sheila Vermeer and Dick Rose in memory of Doug Vermeer.


This year Ken Gassinspent a great deal of effort to compete and qualify for the runoffs where he went on to finish 9thin GTL

Ted Vedrinski Memorial Most Improved Driver Award

This award was created to recognize improvement, in varied forms, in an OVR driver throughout the course of the race season. The award was created in memory of Ted Vedrinski, Region Historian, drivers’ school instructor, racer, volunteer and all-around gentleman.  Ted was very supportive of new drivers and expertly guided them through the school and licensing process. 

Braydon Connollyqualified for the runoffs this year in HP. Braydon finished 14thin the race and somehow just in front of Matt!   Join me in congratulating Braydon for the Ted Vedrinski Award!

Regional and National Drivers of the Year

One individual from each level of competition is presented with this award for their consistent outstanding performance on track.

Regional Driver of the Year  

Tom Hopsonfinished 2ndin ITA Great Lakes Champ Series this year   Congratulations Tom!

National Driver of the Year

Mason Workmanhad a strong season that culminated with what eventually a sixth place finish at the runoffs. Mason was involved in a first lap accident that cost him his drivers side front fender. He worked his way back to a podium position only to lose in a post race decision. Congratulations Mason.

Road Race Pro Driver of the Year

This award is presented to an OVR member based on the driver’s success at the professional level throughout the United States. 

In the last few seasons Kevin Boehmhas been very successful at the annual runoffs. This year he was competing at the pro level in the TC class of the TC America series in a Honda Civic . Kevin garnered 3 wins and 5 podiums and finished 2nd  in the TC class. Congratulations Kevin!

Road Race Driver of the Year

This is a rotating award presented to one OVR member who exhibited outstanding driving talents and represented the region on a national or professional level throughout the United States.

Scott Rettichqualified  5thand during the course of the race worked hi way up the order to put him in striking range of the leader. During the restart after a late race caution period Scott made a great restart that put him in the lead which he held until the checkered flag to win FE-2.   Congratulations Scott!

Road Race National and Regional Class Championship Awards

These awards are determined based on points accumulated during national and regional competitions within the Great Lakes Division. OVR has five recipients this year. Trophies are provided by Great Lakes Division and will be sent to the recipients.

Larry Morris    4thSRF-3

Region Awards

Regional Executive Awards
By: Suzy Hardesty

“While it is uncommon to receive the RE award consecutively, these recipients have managed to do even more in 2021 to grow the region and the club than the awesome work they put forth in 2020. John England and Sidney Scott spearheaded bringing the National RallyCross Championships to Ohio Valley Region. By all accounts, it was a successful endeavor. It wouldn’t be surprising if this dynamic duo managed to somehow top their 2021 efforts.

Also receiving the 2021 RE award for outstanding contribution to the region and club is Dave Malcosky. He took over the OVR website and has overseen some much-needed updates. He persevered through a steep learning curve and several obstacles to those updates. Be sure to keep an eye on our website as he continues the upgrades.”

By: Jude Summers

The Barry Baker Worker of the Year 2021 is Barb Turner, Barb for years has been very dedicated to supporting our club racing events at Mid-Ohio.  She first joined out region as a crew believe it or not for Doris Coe and her family and since then, what an asset she has become to OVR!    She has shared responsibilities with many of the tech chiefs and always picked up anywhere she was needed to make life easier for them as they preformed their jobs.  She in particular this year though, aside from dealing with her own feelings of dealing with the loss of Barry Baker (and I should add here others from the tech team and race specialties), supported his significant other Deb Hamilton’s assortment of tasks.  She did this with a smile on her face, greeting and hugging where needed along with activities like heading up the express tech on Friday evenings, one of the most emotional being our first Majors event this past year.  Because of Barb’s knowledge and perseverance, her continued love of our sport and most importantly care about our participants, including our volunteers who assist in putting on these events, thank you Barb!!!  Congratulations!!!


OVR’s New Worker of the Year is Lance Oujesky,  Lance is not new to the SCCA but he is to OVR, he transferred here from the Atlanta Region and immediately contacted our start team in the spring about volunteering before our first race event happened.  He began with the IMSA event in the early spring and from there did not stop.  He participated in pro events as well as our club events with the exception of our last event, which he planned to be working but he and Diane Tedeschi switched events as she had planned to be at IMS and due to Ron’s health issue at the time, remained here locally (she worked our event in Lance’s place).  If you get a chance, introduce yourself to Lance, when he’s not in the start stand, you will find him more often than not at base of the tower, watching, sharing his love for working start, and always with a grin in his face.  Congratulations Lance!.


The John Fergus Worker of the Year Award 2021 this year goes to Greg Adams!

Over the years, Greg has become an integral part of the grid team at Mid-Ohio.  His presence for club, private and pro events is undeniable.

Additionally, Greg has stepped up to help wherever needed, especially after the passing of Chipp Swindler, stepping into the role of Chief of Grid for Ohio Valley Region and for all major events.  Greg’s leadership and professionalism is unmatched. His strength and perseverance to get through issues and roadblocks is inspiring.  Even while having to deal with family obligations the past few years, he still attended events to support his “team” and worked out with Christy Graham to share in the grid responsibilities.  That is true care and true leadership by Greg.  Greg has always cared about grid… and does his best to make it an area that is fun to participate.   His laughter, smile, dedication and friendship are front and center. Greg’s longevity, leadership, professionalism, and overall commitment to the sport along with care of safety for our drivers and volunteers make him a natural to receive this coveted award.

Tami Tackett and Sam Halkias are awarded the Board of Directors Awards for 2021!  Tami for her dedication as secretary and follow through on any other tasks she undertakes for OVR.   Sam as Assistant Treasure and again his follow through on other tasks that he has taken on behalf of OVR this past year!

This year’s Stewart Award will be given to Randy Tackett, for his overall dedication to all of OVR’s activities, be it rally, solo, road racing, or administration activities, he displays a professional attitude and remarkable sense of what is the topic at hand and reacts positive for the good of our organization.  Randy has proven himself to be a very objective, solid, and dedicated member of our club.

2021 Ohio Valley Region Aniversaries
By Dennis Barschow
50 Years
S Peter Smith
45 Years
James  Conlin
Lee Feineigle
John  Fergus II
Thomas Rojewski
40 Years
Douglas Gall
J James Jerele
Sue Rupp
35 Years
Andrew Cotyk
Larry Gallagher
Kenneth McVicker
Ron Dick
Kim Weber Mathias
Dennis Sideri
Lee Pfeiler
William Lyon
Lynne Humphrey
Karen Workman
Larry Brown
George Carpenter
Bob Rapparlie
30 Years
David Packard
Craig Markusic
Mark Chambers
Sheila Gallagher
Jim Heckman
25 Years
Corey Fergus
Scott Johnson
Patrick Gallagher
Jennifer Wise
Jennifer Dietz
Steven Dalstrom
Kevin Navarre
20 Years
Jeremy Lucas
Eric Campbell
Dennis Sirois
W Orion Fairman
Brian Murdick
Scott Hileman
Zachary Rivard
Sott Mayo
Ayrton Wise
Phillip Smith
Brian Hoover
Neva Hoover
15 Years
Craig Distal
Walter Domoracki
James Henson
John Voegeli
George Kostura
Nathan Erlinger
John Thompson
Virginia Thompson
Donna Tonkin
10 Years
Thomas Todaro
Elisangela Christopher
Daniel Shea
Madison Carpenter
Ned Morrell
Evan Arthur
Krystal Lavender
Brandon Lavender
Carrie Ruck
David Alspach
Jess Hathaway
Rebeca Rettich
Catherine Butcher
Alan Butcher
Donna England
John W England
John E England
Notes from the Director’s Chair

Area 4 Director Update for December, 2021

Whew….a chance to catch my breath after a VERY busy month of October. November slowed down a bit and not a moment too soon. But, as we all know, the end of one season means the beginning of another. Like you, I’ve already begun to prepare for the 2022 season.

In case you missed it last month, it bears repeating that our divisional Spring meeting will be on Saturday March 5th with a casual gathering the night before. Details will be announced as they are finalized on the GLDiv website.

Also, headquarters has created an online path to get an annual waiver (hard card). This is a great step forward and can eliminate the signing of all SCCA waivers (not track or site waivers). I’ve done it and it takes only a couple of minutes. Be prepared to upload a headshot picture of yourself. I’ll have more details next month.

Video Conference Meetings:

  • Club Racing Board (CRB) (11/2):  The first meeting after the Runoffs can be quite lengthy as there are scores of requests from the driver corps. The results can be seen here.
  • Electrified Vehicle Advisory Committee (EVAC) (11/3):  A few of the EVAC met to walk through additions to another rules set.
  • EVAC (11/10):  The “regular” EVAC meeting was held tonight. We continued work on other rules sets.
  • Rally Cross Board (RXB) (11/16):  The RXB is rewriting some of their rules package so we went over the details.  This meeting lasted 4.5 hours.
  • BoD (11/17): We held a special meeting to review the qualifications for the replacement Director that was to come from Area 11. Jason Isley has moved to FL so he is resigning his position and the BoD picks his replacement.  As we are meeting in Kansas City on 12/3, our normally scheduled meeting (11/22) has been cancelled.

SCCA Events:

  • As the competition season is over for most of our specialties, I did not attend any SCCA events this past month.

November has me, once again, driving to Kansas City, MO for another BoD meeting (11/30-12/6). I’ll use the trip to visit some family who lives nearby in Lawrence, KS and a friend who lives near St. Louis, MO.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you soon. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments you may have about any facet of the GLDiv. I want you to make the most of your membership and I will help out in any way possible to make that happen.

Dayle Frame
Area 4 Director Great Lakes Division
517.889.1117 (h)

Notes from the Director’s Chair

Area 4 Director Update for January, 2022

December meetings actually started in November as I left the house on 11/30 to go to Kansas City, MO for the next Board of Directors (BoD) meeting which was held on 12/3, 12/4.  As I have a cousin who lives 40 miles away in Lawrence, KS, I decided to go out a couple of days early to spend some time with her and her family.  As usual, I used my electric car so I saved myself and the Club a lot of money by driving.

We welcomed a couple of new members to the BoD and said good bye to a couple more.  We scheduled two more face to face meetings for 2022.  One in July and another in December.  The financials look very good.  We reviewed all the programs (Club Racing, RallyCross, Solo, Road Rally, etc.).  Some got an update from SCCA Enterprises, did some strategic planning as well as some governance training.  Part of our July meeting will include some face to face governance training too.  This was supposed to happen this time but Covid forced the training team to cancel their trip to KC.  Pro Racing also updated us on the plan to move the program so its run by Parella Motorsports Holdings (PMH).

If you haven’t already, please sign up for the 2022 SCCA National Convention.  Once again, Covid has forced us to meet remotely.  It starts on 1/21 and lasts a week as it finishes on 1/28.  There will be dozens of meetings and I’m sure there will be a great many that have application to what you want to get out of the Club.

In case you missed it last month, it bears repeating that our divisional Spring meeting will be on Saturday March 5th with a casual gathering the night before. Details will be announced as they are finalized on the GLDiv website.

Last month I mentioned that there is a new path to getting your annual waiver.  You can now get it through the Member Account Portal (MAP).  Follow this link to get the instructions.  There is also a story about the program here.  I’ve done it and it takes only a couple of minutes. Be prepared to upload a headshot picture of yourself.

The various national schedules for 2022 are starting to coalesce and they can be found here:

Pro Solo/National TourTime Trials National TourHoosier Super TourEnduro.

Video Conference Meetings:

  • Club Racing Board (CRB) (12/7):  The post Runoffs onslaught now beings…..everyone wants to see rules changes and they send them in by the scores.  There were over 400 in the system this month.  The results can be seen here.
  • Electrified Vehicle Advisory Committee (EVAC) (12/8):  Our discussions on rules sets, track relationships and safety continued.  We hope to have a rules set posted soon.
  • BoD (12/16):  We held a quick meeting to discuss some financial details.  It was over in 30 minutes and I understood very little of the content (I’m a chemist, man!).  Our CFO (Jeff Dahnert) does and that’s what I care about.  You’ll hear about it from Mike Cobb when he does his Presidential Statement during the convention.
  • Rally Cross Board (RXB) (12/21):  The RXB met to review the year and make changes in their personnel.  They are already working on the location of the 2022 National Championships.
  • BoD (12/22): We held a special meeting to review the RXB changes to the RX rules set.

SCCA Events:

  • As the competition season is over for most of our specialties, I did not attend any SCCA events this past month.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you soon. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments you may have about any facet of the GLDiv. I want you to make the most of your membership and I will help out in any way possible to make that happen.

Dayle Frame
Area 4 Director
Great Lakes Division
517.889.1117 (h)

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