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Editors Note

By: David Brown
Pushing out a quick Obervers Stand with a few updates and a reminder that if you like to procrastinate then you’re up for registering for the banquet. Below you’ll find a link and we would love to see you this year. The Banquet will take place at the Villa Milano on Schrock Road in Columbus on Saturday February 3, 2024. The day after I sent out the most recent issue we lost another long time member in Dick Ruhl. It seems to be a common theme that I hope will end soon. I recommend trying one of Dick’s favorite cocktails (recipe below).

2024 schedules are out so start making plans. Until next time…

It’s Now or Never!
Register for the 2023 Awards Banquet

It’s now or never if you haven’t registered for the 2023 OVR Awards Banquet. There will not be on site registration so please register by January 29 at 11:59am. Click¬†here¬†for registration via motorsportsreg.

Election results are in! The 2023 Ohio Valley Region Board of Directors had three open positions and four candidates. The open positions included two 2-year terms and one 1-year term. By the results, Randy Tackett and David Brown will serve 2-year terms and Orion Fairman will serve a 1-year term. Thank you to all members that voted in this year’s election.
Richard F Ruhl died in Naples, Florida on December 3rd after a wonderful life. Dick was born July 26, 1937 in New Jersey. Dick and his family moved to Columbus in 1967. He worked in the car business for 50 years, with Midwestern Volkswagen and Ford Motor Company. He owned Dick Ruhl Ford in Columbus, Ohio until the early 2000s. He loved skiing in his beloved Snowmass, Colorado, golfing with Dee, running marathons and racing cars at MidOhio.

Dick was involved philanthropically with Nationwide Children’s Hospital, Ashland University, and The Columbus Foundation. He was a supporter of Saint Matthew’s House in Naples, Florida.

He is survived by devoted partner Dee Keethler, brother Kenneth (Jill) Ruhl, Daughters Susan (Chip) Collier, Deirdre (Tom) Hopson, and Joanna Ruhl, grandchildren Maggie (Ben) James, Molly (Ben Kindel) Hopson, Alex Docie, Lydia Collier and Matthew Collier, niece Kelly (Ryan) Daugherty. Also survived by Dee’s daughter Anissa and grandchildren Reese and Thomas Sabow.

Dick is preceded in death by wife Judith Ruhl.

In lieu of flowers the family asks for donations to Nationwide Children’s Hospital.

To honor and remember him please enjoy his favorite cocktail.

Dick’s Perfect Bourbon Manhattan

Ancient Age Bourbon-Equal parts sweet and dry vermouth-Serve over ice and a maraschino cherry (no cherry juice) stem down so it doesn’t tickle your nose.-Stir with finger

2024 RallyX Schedule

PE 1 – April 27 – Hosted by SWVR at Jackson Co Jr Fairgrounds, Cottageville WV
PE 2&3 – June 15/16 – Hosted by OVR at Joe’s Speedway Adena OH
PE 4 – June 29 – SWVR @ Jackson Co
PE5 – July 20 – OVR @ Joe’s
PE6 – Aug 3 – OVR @ Jackson Co
PE7 – (National Tour) – Aug 31/Sept 1 – SWVR @ Jackson Co (this is a single two day event)
PE 8 – Nov 10 – SWVR @ Jackson Co

2024 Road Racing/Track Event/Time Trials Schedules
May 17-19 Super TourAug 9-11
Time Trials Aug 9
Double Regional Aug 10-11Oct 11-13
TBA Oct 11
Double Regional Oct 12-13
Notes from the Director’s Chair
Area 4 Director Update for December 2023This is a bit late this month but that was deliberate for a change. I wanted to include details about my trip to Kansas City for the BoD meeting. I drove out on 11/29, visited some family who live near there and went to the site on 12/1. We met on 12/2 and I drove home on 12/3. Whew! 1767 miles in five days.So, here‚Äôs what I did this past month…..Video Conference Meetings:

  • ‚ěĘ ¬†Club Racing Board (CRB) (11/7): The CRB reviewed the strategy for data collection for 2024. Which tracks, what races, etc. They also had an involved discussion on the future of the Club Racing program. In the end, it was obvious that we need to have a strategic planning meeting in the spring. This will allow us to focus on the long-term planning of the program. I have already started working with John LaRue (CRB Chair) on this. Like every other monthly meeting, the open letters were reviewed as well. The results of all of the CRB rules changes can be seen¬†here.
  • ‚ěĘ ¬†Electrified Vehicle Advisory Committee (EVAC) (11/8): Final revisions of the latest SCREV update were discussed. These would be passed on to the BoD for review and promulgation. We reviewed pending letters. We also discussed hosting a town hall type meeting for our December time slot so folks could query us about the committee and its work.
  • ‚ěĘ ¬†Board of Directors (BoD) (11/27): With a face to face meeting coming up next week, we cancelled this particular meeting.SCCA Events:
    Board of Directors (BoD) (12/2): Once again, our face-to-face meeting was very productive. Just so you know, I’ll share a bit about how they work. We receive updates and forecasts from all the senior national staff. This includes Mike Cobb (President), Eric Prill / Deanna Flanagan (Club Racing), Heyward Wagner (Experiential), Jeff Dahnert (Business Operations), Robey Clark (SCCA Enterprises), Kristen Poole (Marketing) and Chris Robbins (Regional Development). During each report the members will pepper the presenter with questions, so we have a better understanding of the topic. These presentations take most of the morning and may drift into the afternoon. After that, we then hear from the various program board liaisons and act upon any rules changes that may be pending. Mike showed us his proposed budget for 2024 and it looks very encouraging. We are in a pretty good financial position. We will be able to take on new personnel and work on new projects for the members. In addition to updates about Solo, RallyCross and HillClimb, Heyward gave us more details about the Club Spec idea. It looks very promising with the S197 Mustang and NC Miata as options. I encourage everyone to investigate it by clicking here for more details. This particular meeting also had a wide ranging discussion about various SCCA yearly awards (Wolff Barnato, Member of Excellence, etc.). We concluded the day by closing the 2023 meeting and opening the 2024 meeting. This involved welcoming the two new members, selecting officers for the 2024 Board and making committee assignments. As for me, I will continue to be a liaison with the CRB as well as Chair the EVAC.

Be sure and visit the GLDiv website for information about all of the SCCA programs within the division. We have schedules, official’s contact info, standings, etc. for all the SCCA programs.

Please take a few minutes and make sure your contact information is accurate in the SCCA database. It’s important to have the correct information there so the club knows how to contact you. Log in to your page and check.

As I mentioned previously, there is a new path to getting your annual waiver. You can now get it through the Member Account Portal (MAP). Follow this link to get the instructions. There is also a story about the program here. I’ve done it and it only takes a couple of minutes. Be prepared to upload a headshot picture of yourself.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you soon. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments you may have about any facet of the GLDiv. I want you to make the most of your membership and I will help out in any way possible to make that happen.

Dayle Frame
Area 4 Director Great Lakes Division
517.889.1117 (h)

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