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The Observers Stand

Editors Note

By: David Brown

I start this issue on a very sad note. We’ve all dealt with a COVID hangover for many months, but for so many of us it finally hit way too close to home. Ohio Valley Region Board of Director Barry Baker passed away on December 30, 2020 after a fight with COVID-19. For those of you that hadn’t heard I am so sorry that this was how you found out. He meant so much to many of us and I along with so many in the club will miss him greatly. I’ve included his obituary below. This issue is dedicated to his memory.

This issue will cover our Awards Banquet for 2020. We made the difficult decision to cancel the banquet many months ago and while it won’t be the celebration it usually is we’ll attempt to let all of the winners get a digital moment. Trophies will be handed out by the respective chiefs. Congratulations to all the winners.

As the 2021 season begins please check our Facebook pages for the latest updates on schedules. Submissions to are always wanted and happily accepted for The Observers Stand. Please email me!

Race Awards
By: Jude Summers
New Race Worker of the Year – Nate Green
Nate joined OVR last summer and  Nate set up all the OVR computers, configured the NanoStation wireless engineering, made access points to Timing and Scoring and created a OneDrive (a platform) for contactless race results for the October regional.  Thank you Nate!

The renamed “Barry Baker” Worker of the Year – Dan Hodge
(formally Jack Apel Award)
Dan spent the entire season, staying in step with Mid-Ohio, as their rules and updates were fluid through-out the season with the State of Ohio, and the National SCCA, to meet COVID requirements. Making it possible that OVR could continue to hold racing events during this pandemic at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course.  Thank you Dan!

By: Dennis SiroisThe Phil Alspach Service to Racing

This is a rotating award presented to an individual who has consistently contributed their time and talents to overall race operation throughout the preceding season or over a cumulative period of time.

This award is always so difficult to pick a recipient for because there are so many members in the club that do so much. Barry Baker was one of the very first people I met when I started going to regional meetings at the Winking Lizard on Bethel. At every race or PDX I would always walk up to tech and get a hearty greeting. When I go to my next event I’ll walk into garage #7 and Barry won’t be there. I will immediately miss him as I’m sure you will too. The Service to Racing Award became an easy choice. We will put Barry’s name on the plaque one more time!
The Champions Award

The Champions Award is based upon the mechanical and driving skills at the amateur level, as well as qualifying for the National Championship and/or lap records achieved during the season.  The recipient of this award is determined by the Competition Board with priority given to National Competitors.  In 1987, this award was donated to the region by Sheila Vermeer and Dick Rose in memory of Doug Vermeer.

This year Mason Workman went to the runoffs at Road America and qualified his FP Miata in the seventh spot on the grid. During the ensuing race was able to work his way up to a third place finish. Join me in congratulating Mason for his podium finish!


Ted Vedrinski Memorial Most Improved Driver Award

This award was created to recognize improvement, in varied forms, in an OVR driver throughout the course of the race season. The award was created in memory of Ted Vedrinski, Region Historian, drivers’ school instructor, racer, volunteer and all-around gentleman.  Ted was very supportive of new drivers and expertly guided them through the school and licensing process.

Rich Grunenwald would normally be the emcee for our banquet and be a big part of the awards ceremony. If you read the previous issue of the Observers Stand you know that Rich qualified for the runoffs at Road America this year and know that he is as creative with the pen as he is with speech. Join me in congratulating Rich for the Ted Vedrinski Award!


Regional and National Drivers of the Year

One individual from each level of competition is presented with this award for their consistent outstanding performance on track.
Regional Driver of the Year  

Greg Miller finished 2nd in one of the most competitive classes in the Champ Series in Spec Racer Ford – Gen3. Congratulations Greg!
National Driver of the Year

Scott Rettich not only qualified for two classes in the runoffs at Road America (SRF-3 & FE2) he was on pole for the FE2 race. After a chaotic race start he was shuffled back to 10th or 11th fought his way back to finish 7th.

Pro Race Driver of the Year

This award is presented to an OVR member based on the driver’s success at the professional level throughout the United States.

In the last few seasons Kevin Boehm has been very successful at the annual runoffs. This year he was competing at the pro level in the TCA class of the TC America series in a Honda Civic Si 1.5 turbo. Kevin garnered 5 wins and 9 podiums in 16 races and finished first in the TCA class. Congratulations Kevin!


Road Race Driver of the Year

This is a rotating award presented to one OVR member who exhibited outstanding driving talents and represented the region on a national or professional level throughout the United States.

Philip Smith qualified 4th in  his A Sedan Chevrolet Camaro in the runoffs at Road America. Phil went on to finish on the podium in 2nd place just a little less than 2 seconds in back of 1st . Congratulations Phil!

Road Race National and Regional Class Championship Awards

These awards are determined based on points accumulated during national and regional competitions within the Great Lakes Division. OVR has five recipients this year. Trophies are provided by Great Lakes Division and will be sent to the recipients.

Scott Hileman       1st in HP

Greg Miller            2nd in SRF-3

Doug Kawalczyk   3rd in SRF-3

Ron Copeland       3rd in ITC

Tom Metcalf          1st in IT7

Congratulations to all 2020 winners!


2020 Solo Awards

By: Randy Tackett


The winner of the top racing class of OVR for 2020 is Ryan “I didn’t know there was a height limit” Niemec. Ryan ran his 2019 Honda Civic Type-R all season and was masterful at quietly dominating the group. Ryan was also our Novice Chief for 2020 and did a great job in instructing the many new drivers that we brought in for 2020.

Street AWD

The winner for the Street AWD index group of OVR for 2020 is Ryan “not THAT Ryan” McDaniel. Ryan ran his 2017 Subaru WRX and was a consistent performer at every event. Persistence pays off and Ryan demonstrated his continued growth in 2020 as the class champ.

Street FWD

The winner for the Street FWD index group of OVR for 2020 is Ryan “three already?” Arthur. Ryan drove his 2020 Honda Civic Si to a dominating performance in the group. Ryan was often in the fastest PAX of the day or in the top 5.

Street RWD

The winner for the Street RWD index group of OVR for 2020 is Steve “I can beat you with any car” Dalstrom. Steve ran his 2008 Mustang GT all season and was a consistent performer. Steve’s long experience in Solo is the key to his impressive driving skills and he sets the bar high for everyone in his class.


The winner for the Ladies index group of OVR for 2020 is Tami “I should probably run in Street AWD” Tackett. Tami drove her 2018 Subaru WRX and was not only a consistent performer but finished first in all but two events for the 2020 season. Tami also made the season go smoothly as the Registration Chief and kept us all in order.

Classic American Muscle (CAM)

The winner for the Classic American Muscle index group of OVR for 2020 is Kenneth “FNG” Aikman. Kenneth drove his 2004 Chevy Corvette Z06 to a dominating performance. Kenneth finished first in every event he attended except one. We look forward to his continued improvement as we go forward since this was his first season.

Xtreme Street (XS)

The winner of the Xtreme Street index group of OVR for 2020 is Andy “on its last legs” Bennett. Andy drove his 2000 Mercury Cougar to a consistent season and dominated his group. Unfortunately Andy’s Cougar is suffering from being a product of Ford Motor Company and is being retired in favor of a new ride in 2021. We look forward to seeing Andy’s new ride.

Street Touring Xtreme (STX)

The winner of the Street Touring Xtreme class of OVR for 2020 is Connor “I make this look easy” Ryan. Connor drove his 2013 Subaru BRZ and was dominate in STX. Connor won every single event he attended. Connor was also our Timing and Scoring Chief and had his hands full learning both new timing equipment and software. He did a great job for us.

Street Touring Roadster (STR)

The winner of the Street Touring Roadster class of OVR for 2020 is Larry “yeah, I beat my son” McCarthy. Larry drove his 2012 Mazda Miata to a strong performance. Larry’s primary competition was his son Steven and he showed him how it was done.

Street Touring Sport (STS)

The winner of the Street Touring Sport class of OVR for 2020 is Peter “Accords can be fast” Toebbe. Peter drove his 2012 Honda Accord to a win for the season. Peter performed consistently and his Accord was a sight to behold.


The winner of the Prepared index group of OVR for 2020 is Alan “Safety First” Stamper. Alan drove his 1985 Honda Civic to a dominating performance. Alan has the honor of being the Chief Safety Steward for 2020 and also to have been the first driver to hit some of the new timing equipment. While it is a dubious distinction, Alan’s diligence as our Chief Safety Steward allowed us to have a season that was free of any issues.

Street Prepared

The winner of the Street Prepared index group of OVR for 2020 is Jason “Miatas aren’t just for Street Class” Evans. Jason drove his 2004 Mazda Miata to a consistent performance. Our street prepared groups are lightly attended and it’s great to have participants willing to put forth the effort to field a car for these classes like Jason. Jason also managed to finish third in Street RWD. Not bad for a rookie.

2020 Worker of the Year

The winner of the Worker of the Year award for 2020 is Connor Ryan. Connor took on the responsibility of being a first time Timing and Scoring Chief at a time when we purchased new timing equipment and new timing software. The learning curve for this role is already high and adding new equipment and software just adds to the burden. Connor took on this role without a complaint and helped guide us to a successful 2020 season. Congratulations Connor!

2020 Novice of the Year

The winner of the Novice of the Year award for 2020 is Jason Evans. Jason divided his time between Street RWD and Street Prepared and still managed to win Street Prepared.

2020 Stanberry Cup Winner

The winner of the 2020 OVR Stanberry Cup is Alex Tackett. Alex is one of our junior members that started the season by racing the first event in Junior Karts and co-drove with Gavin Bull. Unfortunately the SCCA suspended the Junior Kart program due to a variety of concerns around the program. As a result Alex was left with no way to truly participate in the Solo program but she was willing to step up and help run registration all season as well as being the Chief Dog Sitter for Justin and Carol Herdman. Alex is a very enthusiastic young lady that is counting the days until she gets her driver’s license and is able to compete with everyone else.

Congratulations to all of our winners for the 2020 season!

2020 RallyX Season Trophies

SF Stock Front First Place: Frank Colletti

SR Stock Rear First Place: John Voegeli

SA Stock All First Place: Duane Simons

PF Prepared Front First Place: Alex Ashbaugh

PA Prepared All First Place: Kyle Kreitzer

MF Modified Front First Place: Pete Bates
Second Place: Sidney Scott
MR Modified Rear  First Place: Evan Arthur

MA Modified All  First Place: Jeremie Snyder

Driver of the Year: Pete Bates

Congratulations to all the winners!

Upcoming Events- Rallycross

4/24          Joes Speedway
5/15-16     Joes Speedway
6/5            Ross County Fairgrounds
7/17          TBD
8/14-15     TBD
9               TBD
10/15-17   National Championship Ross County Fairgrounds

Upcoming Events- Road Racing

5/22-23     SCCA Majors
9/4-5.        SCCA Divisional
10/16-17   SCCA Divisional 

Upcoming Events- Track Event

9/3       Mid-Ohio
10/15   Mid-Ohio 

Upcoming Events- SOLO

5/9   Points Event #1
5/30 Points Event #2
6/13 Points Event #3
6/20 Points Event #4*
6/26 Points Event #5/ GC Prequal
6/27 Governor’s Cup
7/11  Points Event #6
7/18  Points Event #7
8/1    Points Event #8

*Potentially a Drivers School


Daniel Furey   Matthew Brannon
    Roger Hostettler
50 YEARS   Don Jones
Mary Berchak   Meg Kadunc
Colby Hillman   Graham Loughead
Earl Myers    
Douglas Ruth   15 YEARS
    Larry Born
45 YEARS   Joyce Gleckler
Roger Cole   Michael Herbert
    Zbigniew Lorenc
40 YEARS   Diane Packard
Galvy Gordon lll   Toby Pryor
Tandall Holton   Patricia Rettich
David Rupp   Scott Rettich
    Simi Ritch
35 YEARS   Gloria Sheets
Bob Antoine   Rhett Van Voorhis
Steven Christopher   Michael Wise
Burleigh Coldiron Jr    
Ronda Fergus   10 YEARS
Richard Giroux   George Bakun
Conrad Humphrey   Sheila Barschow
Michael McKenna   Rick Costin
Donald Randles   Will Dodd
Jude Summers   Susan Downs
Joel Topolosky   David Ellenwood
Mike Workman   Renee Ellenwood
    Michael Harwood
30 YEARS   Kenneth Hibbitt
Robert Hengen   Jon Jareo
Bart Morris   Nicholas Lawrence
Larry Morris   Ryan Miles
Michael Peery   Jim Reardon
Michael Smith   Hayden Reed
    Jeremiah Reed
25 YEARS   Rhiannon Reed
David Brown   Westin Reed
Brian Flint   Phillip Tang
Vince Massa   Frank Todaro
Roger Merriman   Paul Weber
John Schmitt   Mason Workman
Jack Strahosky lll    
Suren Tchobanian    
Keith Wise    

February Membership

Family       238
Regular     420
Life              26
Dual             22
Free               5
TOTAL       684

In Memoriam

Barry D. Baker, 66, of Marion, Ohio passed away on Wednesday, December 30, 2020 at the Marion General Hospital from complications of Covid-19. Barry was a lifelong resident of Marion, graduating from Harding High School with the class of 1972.

His passion for race cars led him to the Ohio Valley Region of the Sports Car Club of America where he built and raced a Fiat in club racing at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course in Lexington and other Ohio and Indiana race tracks. Barry was a very active member of the club for many years being on the Board of Directors, Division Administrator of Tech for the Great Lakes Division and Chief of Tech for OVR for many years. He was employed for several years with McDaniel Motors and also Jegs  Automotive.

Barry was preceded in death by his father, Loren Baker in 1975 and his mother, Robyn Baker in 1979. Although Barry has no other family, he was friends with the huge racing community which became his family. Surviving is his domestic partner of 19 years, Deb Hamilton, and their miniature dachshund, Sadie, who was a real daddy’s girl.

There will be no services held at this time.

Obituary from: Boyd Born Funeral Home

Barry Baker at a race meeting in the 1990’s… How we’ll remember him

Back Row (Brian Flint, Bruce Turner, Phil Alspach, Larry Hall, Randy Holton, Steve Leis, Matt Downing
Front Row (David Wyatt, Jude Summers, & Barry Baker)

Photo courtesy of Jude Summers

Area 4 Director Dayle Frame
Notes from the Director’s Chair Area 4
Director Update for February, 2021
January was a busy month. As I mentioned in last month’s update, in addition to the BoD meetings, I also sit in on the Club Racing Board (CRB) and Rally Cross Board (RXB) meetings. There were BoD meetings on 1/11 and 1/25 as well as a CRB meeting on 1/5 and RXB meetings on 1/12 and 1/19. I also sat in on a couple of regional meetings doing an “Ask the Director” session with them. Throw in the SCCA Convention sessions that I attended (five on 1/23 and several more during the rest of the convention) and there was a lot of time spent on video conference sessions.The BoD meetings were fairly mundane in that we dealt with a lot of boring, procedural stuff. We go over financial reports and other miscellaneous items. For example, we’re getting a new board management platform in the next few months. This is a web based, software package that will help us vote, manage meetings, post agendas, etc. Really interesting stuff, huh? We’re also trying to coordinate a face to face meeting at some point once the pandemic gets quenched a bit. As you can imagine, we’re all pretty busy during the competition season and finding a suitable date has been pretty tough. Yes, there are some super-secret, hush-hush details that I cannot mention here but I will tell you that most of that isn’t nearly as interesting as you might imagine.The CRB meeting was pretty long (3.25 hours) and they discussed a whole myriad of rules and policy changes. The RXB folks discussed policies for expanding RallyX’s footprint. For details check out the latest FasTrack bulletins here. I must say that I really enjoy attending these sessions as it reiterates how much passion there is for our sport across all the disciplines SCCA covers. I’ve been working on a few other things too:
1. I’ve started talking with more regions about sitting in on their regional meetings. I have a couple of them already scheduled and am willing to do some more.
2. I’ve been working with the various divisional stewards about our event schedules. I am REALLY interested in going to a bunch of events this summer. I’ve penciled in a visit to GingerMan to watch/work the Time Trials National Tour in July (7/16-7/18). I also hope to go to at least one of the Pro Solo events. I’ve attended and participated in a few Solos over the years, but they’ve always been of the regional variety. Seeing a Pro Solo will be eye opening I’m sure. I also want to make sure I get to a Road Rally event this summer.
3. I’ve been working with our webmaster on a complete reworking of our divisional website. It’ll look fantastic once it’s done.
4. I’ve been working with Val McCammon, Velma Boreen, and Tony Brown on the GLDiv Spring Training meeting. If you haven’t done so already, please respond to Val’s emails for guidance on what the divisional membership would like to get out of this virtual meeting.That about sums up January of the BoD for me. 24 hours in front of my PC screen on video conferences and a bunch more wrestling with “all things Area 4”.I’m slowly getting into the waters (more than “dipping my toes”, less than “up to my neck”). I’m sure the pace will increase as the club maneuvers around Covid-19 in the next few months. As always, please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or comments. Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Dayle Frame Area 4 Director Great Lakes Division 517.889.1117 (h)

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